Employees are the backbone of any business and play a critical role in its success or failure. Healthy employees are motivated, fall sick less often and offer greater contribution towards helping the organization achieve its business goals. We design customized wellness workshops for promoting good health and fitness among employees through a series of well-planned exercises, keeping in mind their physical limitations. Through these workshops, employees will sharpen their mental skills, produce heathy results, reduce their stress levels and transform their attitude towards work. Over a period of time, this will translate to high group performance levels and increased profitability. Our fitness and nutrition experts are trained from leading institutes and possess years of experience in successfully transforming the health and attitude quotient of corporate employees. We can conduct these workshops on your premises with minimum portable fitness equipment, or your employees can come over to our gym after office hours and do the same workout under expert supervision.
Pradeep Bhatia invited by SBI Life Insurance as a motivational speaker on Fitness & Diet for the prestigious Mumbai Marathon 2018