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Step into our spacious gym and experience the difference. We offer you 5000 sq. ft. of breathtaking workout space and latest gym equipment. What’s more, we are one of the few gyms in Mumbai which also offers you an additional 10000 sq. ft. of open space. Work your way towards achieving your fitness goals under the supervision of more than 25 professionally trained and experienced fitness experts. See the buzz of energy flowing in the bodies of our members and be motivated towards pushing yourself harder for achieving your fitness and health goals.

We offer you a complimentary first workout which will give you the confidence of entrusting us with your fitness goals. We are the preferred fitness lifestyle destination of more than 1000 active members, which includes celebrities and international bodybuilders as patrons. Elixir Fitness is your daily recharge retreat.


Cardio exercise is strongly recommended for health, fitness and burning calories. It helps you strengthen your heart and lungs, increase your bone density and make you feel and look better. Our Cardio Section offers you the latest cardio machines for a well-rounded cardio workout. The Treadmill gives you the advantages of both walking and running. First timers are advised to begin their gym experience by getting started on this machine. We suggest you first begin by walking and then gradually move up to running. You can adjust the incline or speed of the treadmill as per your comfort level. You can experience a no-impact workout with the Elliptical Trainer, which works almost like a bike, with the only difference being that you pedal while standing up. Once you’ve moved some days into your fitness regime, you can begin exercising on the Stair Stepper, where you push the pedals up and down while holding on to the handles. If you want to workout on something simpler, you can try the Stationery Bike, which gives you good back support. We suggest you try all machines and begin with the one with which you are most comfortable. Of course, our fitness advisors will be there to guide you at every step.
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Weight Training is the preferred strength training workout program for developing the size and strength of skeletal muscles. Weight training involves the use of specialized equipment like weighted bars, dumbbells and weight stacks. With weight training, you will be burning calories throughout the entire day after your workout session. Another benefit of weight training is that by building muscle, your metabolism will go up. Our specialized weight training program takes you through the workout stages by building your confidence. In the beginning, you will work with machines supporting your weight so that you do not bear the weight of the equipment. After around 3 weeks, you will get off the machines and move up to the free weight area, where you will lift weights on your own without the support of machines. Our expert fitness advisors will guide you on the proper use of weights, so that there is minimum chance of pain or injury.


Functional Training involves exercises for training your muscles to help you do carry out everyday activities efficiently and safely. These exercises train your muscles to work together by using different muscles in the upper and lower body and emphasizing on core stability. Along with your muscles, functional training exercises also strengthens the surrounding ligaments. It helps you improve your balance and movement proficiency and reduce the risk of falls. As you keep moving with functional training exercise, you keep improving your balance and stability, avoiding injuries over time and improving your body posture. Functional training involves the use of exercise tools such as kettle bells, weights, fitness balls etc. Irrespective of your limitations, abilities or fitness goals, you should make functional training an integral part of your exercise schedule.


Experience the excitement of enjoying all facilities of a contemporary fitness studio at the price of a gym membership fee. Our amazing coaches will challenge your limits and get you moving smarter and pushing harder. From grooving to the latest fitness-inspiring music in the Zumba workout, to improving your body and mind harmony through relaxation techniques of Yoga, you will experience a whole new world of fitness in our studio.
We offer studio exercise programs for all age groups!


Elixir Fitness is one of Mumbai’s few gyms that offer you an exclusive swimming pool for doing water-based exercises or water workout. Since water is more than 800 times denser than air, your body has to work many times harder against this increased resistance and hence makes your workout more beneficial and productive. Every move you make in Water Aerobics challenges and builds your muscles, as the water creates resistance at every step. Our exclusive pool workout keeps you feeling weightless and refreshed. Pool workouts are great to build lean muscle and burn calories. You will enjoy performing exercises like Lap Workouts, K-Tread, Otter Roll and Water Skipping under the supervision of expert hydro-workout trainers.


You can keep your personal belongings safe and secure in our state-of-the-art lockers. Made to the highest standards from top quality material, our safety lockers are programmed for maximum security.
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Begin your workout with a hot shower in our private Shower Areas and release the tension in your muscles. A warm, relaxing water shower also benefits your respiratory system and allows you to breathe easily. On the other hand, taking a cool shower before your workout plays a major role in decreasing inflammation after you finish your workout. By properly warming up and cooling down your body, you can maximize the efficacy of your workout.


Comfortably relieve yourself in the well-appointed and clean separate washrooms for ladies and gents, which maintain the highest level of hygiene and endow you with comfortable essential bathroom moments.
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In the mood for light snacks? Choose from a wide variety of healthy and nutritious delicacies served in a hygienic environment at our Outdoor Cafeteria. From sandwiches to subs to mini-meals, you can dig into wholesome food prepared under the strict supervision of chefs specially trained for creating culinary delights for fitness enthusiasts.