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Fitness Exercises are a set of physical movements that work on every part of your body. These exercises provide many benefits which include improving overall health, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and motivating you to perform better n personal and professional life. Fitness exercises include Endurance or Aerobic exercises like jogging and biking, Strength or Resistance Training exercises like using a resistance band or lifting weights, Balance exercises like standing on one leg and tai chi, and Flexibility exercises like glute stretch.


If back pain is bothering you and interfering with your exercise routine, then performing Lower Back exercises will bring you back into your fitness regimen. For increasing the strength of your lower back, you can begin with simple exercises like Bridges, Lying Lateral Leg Raises and Partial Curls before moving on to more complex exercises which involve the use of equipment.


Building a strong and impressive chest is the goal of every fitness enthusiast who idolizes body-builders. Our trainers will guide you step-by-step with a series of monitored exercises on how to get your dream chest. Developing a strong chest involves exercises like Barbell Bench Press, Incline Dumbbell Press, Flat Dumbbell Fly, Bar Dip and Push-up. For achieving maximum efficiency, you must take minimum rest between these exercises.


For getting that perfect upper body shape, rigorous shoulder workouts are equally important as doing chest and back exercises. Shoulders comprise of 3 heads – Anterior, Lateral and Posterior. You must focus equally on exercising all 3 heads for achieving perfectly toned shoulders. Exercises like Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Rear-Delt Fly, Face Pull and Reverse Pec Deck performed under expert supervision will give you excellent results.


For stimulating upper-body muscle growth, you must pay equal attention to lower-body training. For creating a metabolic state beneficial to muscle-building, you must exercise some of the largest body muscles through strenuous leg workouts. Working all major muscles will give you better results and help you achieve your fitness goals faster.


Functional Training involves exercises for training your muscles to help you do carry out everyday activities efficiently and safely. These exercises train your muscles to work together by using different muscles in the upper and lower body and emphasizing on core stability. Along with your muscles, functional training exercises also strengthens the surrounding ligaments. It helps you improve your balance and movement proficiency and reduce the risk of falls. As you keep moving with functional training exercise, you keep improving your balance and stability, avoiding injuries over time and improving your body posture. Functional training involves the use of exercise tools such as kettle bells, weights, fitness balls etc. Irrespective of your limitations, abilities or fitness goals, you should make functional training an integral part of your exercise schedule.


Whether your fitness goal is strength building, losing weight, or achieving an all-rounded physique, a well-planned Full Body workout is what you should be aiming for, if you have only 30 minutes to spare every day. This rounded workout burns more calories in less time, helps you build more muscle, increases strength and maximizes workout efficiency by helping you focus on 20% of the movements that give you 80% of the results.


Interval Training involves alternating brief strong-intensity speed bursts with low-intensity recovery periods in one workout session, by working both aerobic and anaerobic systems. Interval training increases the delivery of oxygen to the working muscles and helps avoid workout injuries. It also helps you exercise for a longer period of time by delaying fatigue and exhaustion.


Biceps is the two-headed muscle that lies on your upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow. This muscle can be strengthened using a combination of resistance training and weights. Some popular biceps building exercises are chin-up and biceps-curl. Even if you’re not aiming towards being a body-builder, having well-formed biceps gives you a good overall appearance and increases your confidence.


Triceps is the large muscle on the back of your upper limb and is responsible for the extension of the elbow joint. As triceps comprise more than two-thirds of your upper arm mass, building them makes your arms stronger and look impressive. Some popular triceps building exercises include Skullcrusher, Close-Grip Bench Press, Weighted Parallel-Bar Dip and Triceps Dip Machine.


The Calf is the back portion of your lower leg. If you’re working towards a well-toned muscled body, and ignore your calf muscles, it affects your overall body shape. Building strong calf muscles in important as they offer support to your body when you perform complex Lifts. Jumping Jack, Seated Calf Raise, Seal Jump and Ankle Mobilization are some popular exercises which build your calf muscle.


Forearm muscles are responsible for your wrist movement. Building strong forearms gives you stronger grip strength, allowing you to engage more muscles by squeezing harder and generating maximum force. Forearms fitness plays an important role in preventing wrist injuries during workouts. Wrist-rollers and palm-up wrist curls are two popular exercises that build your forearms.


Core Training involves exercising a group of muscles called “the core”. The objective of core training is to develop the muscles that control the spinal column and pelvis, which builds strength and endurance. Also, for preventing injuries during workout, it is mandatory for you to develop your core muscles. Some examples of core training exercises are bicycle crunches, plank hold, push-ups and back extensions. For seamlessly executing simple daily tasks, it is important to include a core training workout in your overall fitness program.