For planning and working towards your fitness goals, you need the expert supervision of a gym trainer. A fitness trainer is an important partner in helping you achieve your fitness goal. An expert personal trainer will take your workouts to a higher level by applying his or her years of experience and stop you from making any wrong moves. Our experienced trainers will help develop and implement exercise modules that are customized to your abilities and physical condition. After obtaining your detailed health history and determining your current fitness level, the trainer will design a realistic and attainable goal-based program so that you can enjoy your fitness success sooner than later.


Swimming in one of the best low-impact exercises for all-round heath and fitness. It requires moving your body against the resistance of water for achieving cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and weight control. At Elixir Fitness, we have swimming coaches who have trained hundreds of aqua lovers to become expert swimmers. They will systematically introduce you to the wonderful world of water for experience exhilarating joy and good health.
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Our customer service desk is manned by courteous and polite staff who are trained to handle all your queries with a smile. Should you need any help with anything around the gym, please feel free to connect with them and, rest assured, they will address your query at the earliest.
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What better way to end a strenuous workout than with a light healthy snack at our Cafeteria. Our courteous cafeteria staff will attend to every request with a smile and ensure that you begin relishing your preferred culinary delight as soon as place your order.


We believe you should not waste any time between driving into the gym and heading for your workout. Which is why, our professional valet drivers will welcome you on your arrival and swiftly move your car into a safe parking place, so that you just hand over the car keys and begin your workout in minutes.


Fitness and cleanliness go hand in hand with each other. With a regularly monitored schedule evenly spread throughout a 24-hour period, our efficient Housekeeping team ensures that the gym always keeps looking spanking clean.